Jouer la connexion

JlC (Jouer la Connexion) is a fun and interactive project to enhance the way we are a community in Luxembourg

The project, managed by Coopération Nord-Sud, aims to promote the goal of social integration, supporting the local actors (refugee centers, high schools, municipalities, maisons de jeunes) with funding of the Ministère de la Famille, de l'Intégration et à la Grande Région.

The specific objective is to establish a network of school-aged young people (12-19 years old) from different countries. Kids from local schools and refugee centers (Foyers de réfugiés) will share different opportunities of knowing and sharing experiences with each other, such as football, running, photography, videomaking, and storytelling through our Fb group.

Our Partners are Caritas, Croix Rouge, FC Europa, Scout group Arche de Noé, European School Lux1, Lycée Josy Barthel de Mamer, ISL International School of Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg, Time of Equality, Artichock a.s.b.l., Tessy Antony-De Nassau, ambassador of the project.

The JlC team: Elisabetta Lano, Simona Palladino, Tiziana Tamborrini

Duration of the project: September 2020-June 2021



Simona Palladino, Psychologist and member of the CNS Board, Project manager

 I have worked as a trainer with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon in the school environment. I am responsible for North-South Cooperation initiatives aimed at promoting the integration of refugees in Luxembourg.

Elisabetta Lano, Pedagogistresponsible of educational activities

Throughout the years I gained experience as community team-leader in jail and in rehabilitation centers, for both adolescents and adults. As a volunteer, I assisted refugees coming into Italy through my city’s municipality. Currently, I am a French support teacher for young refugees here in Luxembourg.

Tiziana Tamborrini, Social economist, responsible for the project monitoring and evaluation


I worked at the World Bank in the evaluation of public programs - with regard to the social and environmental effects - and as a methodological expert for the Evaluation Unit of the Italian government. I am currently collaborating in the awareness and communication program on sustainability issues at MARS – UNI (, University of Luxembourg.


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