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Created in Luxembourg in 2011, North-South Co-operation is an NGO specialised in Education and Training.


Our projects are based in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our beneficiaries are the poorest of the poor.


We partner with local community-based organisations well representative of the beneficiaries.


With our partners, we develop libraries: to allow poorest students to find their textbooks to improve their school results; to allow children to start reading; to contribute to adults’ literacy; to contribute to teachers’ training.


We also develop ICT/Internet centres to provide PC basic training and Internet access to the most disadvantaged communities, so that the community members can improve their school results, access information and prepare for the job market.


We also support local schools that help saving street children, by providing them with classrooms and textbooks.


We support rehabilitation centres for street children and teenagers addicted to drugs, by providing them with workshops to develop their professional skills.


We support local sports centres to keep youth off the streets and guide them towards education and leadership.


We contribute to the local economies: by supporting local cooperatives; by offering mentorship services to local small entrepreneurs.

We also work on projects in Luxembourg: to help refugees develop and exploit their personal skills; to make the public aware of the co-operation issues, with its challenges and possible solutions.


In 2015, we have received the Agrément by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs as NGO partner of the Luxembourg co-operation.


In 2016, we have become member of the Cercle de la Coopération.

We are committed to make all our interventions sustainable and to empower our partners: our projects must develop our partners’ capacity for self-supporting activities.
Therefore, we will not support activities that create dependence on external interventions.

Our aim is to ‘hand over the stick’. We are against top-down approaches in development: we work with partners, who aim to employ all our technical, financial, human help to develop their own capacity.

We believe in participatory development. We support people’s organizations and communities, and we work with them in a participative way. The development we believe in is people-centered: people’s needs come first. We work to empower the most disadvantaged and the poorest of the poor.​

Find us:

Coopération Nord-Sud a.s.b.l.

​7, rue Gehschelt

L-6925 Flaxweiler, Luxembourg

Contact us:

+352 621 730 899


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