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The 'Chrysalis' is a state of transition

between a before and an after,

it is the phase before

the full development

of a being that finally manages

to take flight


Context :

Here in Luxembourg, we also stand by the most vulnerable.

With the Chrysalis Project, North-South Cooperation works in collaboration with the ONA (Office National de l'Accueil) in reception structures for refugees fleeing war and persecution.

Asylum seekers who arrive in Europe after an extremely difficult and painful journey must rebuild their lives in a new country.

This rebuilding of their identity and their future takes a lot of effort.

Chrysalis wants to support people in this complex journey.

The project aims to increase the refugees' ability to cope with stress, thus improving their well-being. The tools to achieve this will be workshops and 'groupes de parole' (Focus group) aimed at developing personal skills and creating a social network.

Target group :

Young people and adults DPI-Demandeurs de Protection Internationale (Applicants for International Protection) and BPI- Bénéficiaires de Protection Internationale (Beneficiaries of International Protection), accommodated in reception structures.

Several volunteers, including secondary school students, are involved in the Chrysalis project alongside the refugees.


Project duration: two years (2023-2024)

Proposed activities:

  • "Groupes de parole" which will be opportunities for refugees to discuss issues important for their daily, family, professional and social life

  • Individual accompaniment in order to offer a neutral and serene space for listening and support for the promotion of well-being (stress management, practical advice to facilitate daily life)

  • School and language support for unaccompanied minors and young refugees with the support of young high school students

  • Meetings / conversation tables to practice languages and facilitate the integration process

  • Sports, artistic and cultural workshops, useful for developing personal skills, local knowledge, creativity, teamwork.


If you would like to participate in our refugee support activities as a volunteer (teaching a language, offering an art workshop or just joining the group on a walk...) sign up here


or contact us:

Thank you!

Co-funded by
the European Union

The Project Team:

Simona Palladino (Project Manager), Sylvie Grein ( Responsible for student training), Elisabetta Lano (Responsible for educational activities), Tiziana Tamborrini (Responsible for project monitoring and evaluation)

In the media:

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