North-South Cooperation together with EDI Madagascar launched a 30-month (2017-2019) project in Madagascar. The project consisted in the construction of a school in Ambodivoahangy, a small rural village on the Eastern Coast of Madagascar.​


The village has no access to electricity and the only source of water is stagnant water, which causes frequent diseases and infections. The new school is equipped with 3 classrooms, sanitary facilities, a rainwater harvesting system and provides meals every day to its pupils. Although the school is located in a „strategic“ position, surrounded by four villages within 3 km, the access is difficult due to the absence of paved roads.


The school presents an opportunity for the children, a place where they can learn and emancipate themselves. The project also foresees to launch training programs where young people and adults can learn and develop new skills. These include alphabetization courses, professional training, civic education, sexual education, food safety courses and hygiene courses. The program aims to enable current and future generations to emancipate themselves and improve their living standards, while at the same time providing new employment opportunities for them.

The main objective of Mitia Madagasikara, the local partner organization, is the empowerment of nearby rural villages. Education guarantees this objective on a long-term perspective, empowering the youth and future generations.

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