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Luxembourg to Karamoja in 80 days!

Our Challenge: we want to "virtually" cover 8,295 km (the distance between Luxembourg and Karamoja, Uganda) in 80 days to raise money and support our projects.
In Karamoja, we promote the empowerment of women through food and financial self-sustainability and literacy.
Korogocho Run
Can you help us to achieve our fundraising goal of EUR 8,295?

Here’s what we suggest: commit to an event by yourself or with family and friends – maybe you can all run, cycle, walk, swim. Let us know the day(s) you are doing it, between the 22nd of September and the 11th December, and that will be your Solidarity Day(s). You promise to donate EUR 1 for every kilometer completed on your Solidarity Day(s): EUR 10 for a 10-km walk; EUR 20 for a 20-km run; EUR 50 for a 50-km cycle…or more!

Click here to register yourself with what you commit to do on your Solidarity Day. Share your video on FB or Instagram with  #karamojachallenge. Follow us on our Facebook Page to get interesting updates on the challenge!

At the end of the challenge, we will offer prizes for:

  • the most creative way of clocking up some kilometers

  • the female participant with the most kilometers completed

  • the male participant with the most kilometers completed

  • the team with the most kilometers completed

  • the best picture shared via social media

You can then pay your donation (EUR 1 for every km you have completed) by making a bank transfer to:

North-South Cooperation / Bank account: LU98 0019 3555 9664 7000 / BIC: BCEELULL

Or by DigiCash:

Your donation will be tax deductible* as we will send you a donation certificate.

Thank you for your Solidarity Day!

Register yourself and contribute with your activity to complete the Challenge!

>>> Register here for your Solidarity Day <<<

Note: You can also add your activities for several days at once by indicating your finishing day.

Current location:

This status is updated regularly. Last update: 14:43 24/12/2020

List of participants so far:

News about the Challenge

* ... in Luxembourg and Germany. In other countries tax regulations might differ.

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