Korogocho Educational Program

(Korogocho, Nairobi (Kenya), 2015-2018)

Direct beneficiaries: 2,500 students

From 2015 to 2018, we have implemented an educational project in the slum of Korogocho, Nairobi (Kenya) in partnership with the Comboni Mission. The project was co-financed by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Directorate for Cooperation and Development).


The project was centred around St. John’s Community centre and the Community library to improve access to education in the slum and to empower the local community.

Together with our local partners, we have:


  • Built an extension to the library to double its previous capacity;

  • Created an ICT centre with 16 personal computers, 2 printers and photocopiers, and a strong access to Internet;

  • Provided the library with 10,000 textbooks for primary and secondary schools;

  • Created a book-lending programme for 30 schools in the surrounding slums;

  • Built 6 classrooms, purchased desks and chairs for a local primary school (Emmaus) to rescue street children from the Dandora dumping site;

  • Providing St. John’s Sports Society with much needed sports’ equipment to attract more children to the sports’ club and to the Library.

Today, the Library and ICT Centre is run in a sustainable way by the Comboni Mission for the community.

The number of students attending the library grew from 700 in 2015 to 2,200 in 2019.

Textbooks and access to the Web foster Education,

Education helps people come out of poverty

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