Empowering marginalised

Who are we?

North-South Cooperation specializes in providing education and training to marginalized communities to enable their empowerment.

Our current projects

Empowering women in Karamoja (Uganda)

In the four targeted villages:

  • 9 women out of 10 are illiterate

  • 6 children out of 10 are malnourished

  • 8 children out of 10 are out of school

The objective of the project: Four women community groups in the Napak district (Karamoja) come out of extreme poverty thanks to an empowerment programme. 


Upcoming Events

Tue, Sep 22
Virtual event
Karamoja Challenge 2020
Our Challenge: we want to "virtually" cover 8,295 km (the distance between Luxembourg and Karamoja, Uganda) in 80 days to raise money and support our projects.
Sun, Jun 06
Korogocho Run
Run for a good cause!

Find us:

Coopération Nord-Sud a.s.b.l.

​7, rue Gehschelt

L-6925 Flaxweiler, Luxembourg

Contact us:

+352 621 730 899


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Korogocho, Nairobi (Kenya)